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Lots of people are coming to Annapolis—both in person and virtually— to advocate for change. They are meeting with elected officials and government officials. They testify at hearings and hold rallies on the historic Lawyers’ Mall. I also continue to reach out and hear from folks in the community. It is exciting to see everyone who shows up to make their voice heard.

Food Waste Reimagined The incredible student compost activists (pictured here) are back! They brought over 5,000 (compostable) postcards from students across the state urging the state to take action on reducing school food waste. They met with the new Secretary of Maryland’s Department of the Environment, Serena Coleman McIlwain, to advocate for funding for the school compost grant program that my 2022 legislation created.

What a Wonderful Walk! Thanks to the 20+ folks who turned out last Saturday—the coldest day of the year—to walk with me along the Paint Branch Trail in White Oak. We covered a lot of ground and discussed topics ranging from climate action and conservation to the foster care system and food security. Stay tuned! I will be holding more of these walks in the near future (and can almost guarantee the weather will be warmer).

Hearings, Hearings, Hearings After bills are introduced, they typically receive a hearing in committee. It’s a chance for elected officials to hear from the public and other government officials, ask questions, and suggest legislative changes.

You can watch these hearings in real time or view the recording later. The Maryland General Assembly (MDGA) website has links to live and recorded hearings. By clicking on the “Meetings” tab, you can search by bill number, date, or committee. You can also use the search function to look up specific bills.

Tracking My Legislation Several of my bills are moving through the committee hearing process. To see each bill’s brief fact sheet and actual bill language or to track its status, go to the “Legislation 2023” page on my website.

Upcoming Hearings (in the next two weeks)

  • HB 61: requiring electric utilities to pay prevailing wages and benefits

  • HB62: developing pollinator and wildlife friendly meadows under power lines

  • HB 63: incentivizing the removal of invasive species

  • HB82: increasing funding for school-based mental health

  • HB367: ensuring safety and fines that are fair when using stop sign cameras

Past Hearings (within the past two weeks)

  • HB39: increasing transparency and accountability by requiring corporations to report their effective corporate tax rate

  • HB70: SAFE Roads Act to improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety

  • HB101: easing regulations to install solar and other clean energy equipment in condos

  • HB111: streamlining access to Medicaid and safety net services

  • HB121: improving treatment plan processes for people involuntary hospitalized in mental health facilities

Be in Touch Make your voice heard! Reach out to me and my staff. We are here to serve you, particularly if you or anyone you know needs assistance with a state issue. Please contact my office at or call us at (410)-841-3423.




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