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Build Back Even Better

The stunning collapse of the Key Bridge reminds us of how deeply connected we all are. I’m heartbroken for the families and friends of the six immigrant men who died, grateful for the first responders whose swift action saved lives, and worried for those whose livelihoods depend on work in the Port.

More broadly, as a public official, I know we must act to lessen the rippling impacts the collapse created. I’m grateful for President Biden’s quick commitment of federal funds to rebuild the bridge and Governor Moore’s determination to reopen the Port as rapidly as possible.  

As the chair of the House Subcommittee on Unemployment Insurance, this unanticipated economic blow reminds me of the importance of having in place a robust and financially secure unemployment insurance (UI) program.  For the individuals who receive these benefits, it helps put food on the table, pays the rent, and keeps them from falling into poverty. It also keeps small businesses open because people have money to circulate in the local economy.  I will continue my work on expanding our UI benefits and adjusting the structure for long term stability. In the meantime, my colleagues and I expect to pass an aid package to help those affected by the economic impact.

The Port has been the region’s economic powerhouse since Baltimore’s founding.  It is now poised to come back even stronger.  Work to increase the Port’s capacity was already well underway thanks, in part, to federal infrastructure funding.  The promised additional new funding and our collective willpower will allow us to build back even better.

Status of My LegislationWith just a week left in this session, the wheeling and dealing on a huge crush of legislation is proceeding at breakneck speed.  

You can check the status of all legislation through this link to the Maryland General Assembly website. Here are the brief updates on my bills:

Voted out of a Senate committee with minor amendments.  Once out of the Senate, it goes back to the House so we can concur with amendments.

Voted out of a Senate committee with minor amendments.  Once out of the Senate, it goes back to the House so we can concur with amendments.

Made it through the Senate with minor amendments; the House will accept them.

Awaiting a vote in the Senate Judicial Proceeding Committee.

Awaiting a vote in the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.

I’m thrilled this legislation has already passed both chambers and is on the Governor’s desk.

Awaiting a final vote in the Senate.

Awaiting a vote in the Senate Education, Energy, and Environment Committee.

Although this bill did not make it out of committee, the issue has been referred for “summer study.” This gives me a chance to work further with the utilities and the State Highway Administration to improve the bill before bringing it back next session.  We all want better coordination so delays in transportation projects, like the Purple Line, are avoided.

 We Walked!  We Talked!

A big thank you to all the folks who joined me for a walk along the Paint Branch Trail in White Oak.  We had great discussions and solved all sorts of problems.  I’ll be doing it again in a few months.

Vote Is A Verb: Democratic Primary is Tuesday, May 14th

Make a plan to vote!  Your options include mailing your ballot, early voting, or voting on election day itself.  I have lots of voting information on my website.

Stay in Touch: Need help with a state issue? Please contact my office at or leave us a message at (410)-841-3423.




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