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My Summer Reading: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

I am THRILLED by the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022. It is the largest federal investment in climate action—ever! Achieving the goals of this historic legislation is now entrusted to all of us—governments at all levels and individuals—to make a reality. I am fully committed to making sure Maryland harnesses all this legislation has to offer to transition with the utmost urgency to a clean energy economy with family sustaining jobs.

My summer reading has been doing a deep dive into the details of IRA with an eye for how the new law and huge increases in funding can support our already ambitious state climate plans and programs, including those of the recently passed Climate Solutions Now Act, and what more we need to do to make sure Maryland benefits. With this strong support and direction from the federal government, we are even better positioned to reduce emissions, improve building efficiency, and promote equity in communities most effected by our changing climate. As a leader on climate policies, I was interviewed in several media outlets (Bloomberg Legal, Governing) about the implications of IRA and how we hope to implement it in Maryland.

Beyond the benefits to the climate, IRA also made big reforms to Medicare to help people with prescription drug costs and thereby decrease medical debt, a focus of my legislative efforts in recent years.

Power in the Park Over 200 people attended my second annual “Power in the Park” event. This fun and festive event helped neighbors in the Long Branch community get connected to energy savings programs, information on using electricity more efficiently, and community solar. Thanks to all the organizations who came and sponsored this effort! See a complete list here. Couldn’t make it to the event, but want to switch to green energy and save money on your energy bill? Here are some resources.

Pedestrian Safety during Purple Line Construction I recently organized a briefing with staff from the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to discuss concerns about pedestrian safety as construction of the Purple Line begins to ramp up again. You can watch the hour-long briefing here. This kind of oversight is an important way legislators hold our state agencies accountable. It is in addition to the regular meeting I have with MDOT officials to go over concerns about specific intersections and roadways in the District.

All Blue in ‘22! One of my main goals for the upcoming election is to support other Democratic candidates around the state. Interested in canvassing opportunities? I am going out every week and would love to have you join me. Sign up here. Can’t go door-to-door, but want to support these efforts? Consider a donation to my campaign by clicking on the button below.

Stay in Touch If you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact my office at or leave us a message at (410)-841-3423.


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