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Time to Double Down (Again)

June has seemingly become the cruelest month when it comes to Supreme Court rulings. Along with so many of you, I am devastated by the most recent rulings on affirmative action, discrimination, and the power of the federal government’s executive branch—as well as the Supreme Court’s willingness to disregard legal precedent and eliminate hard-fought civil rights.

Here in Maryland, though, we are also determined and prepared to once again make a strong stand for justice and equity. Last year we doubled down to protect abortion care in our state after the Dobbs decision. My fellow legislators and I are prepared to take similar steps to ensure our state universities and colleges remain vibrant and diverse institutions, the rights of the LGTBQIA+ community are protected, and legislation and regulation can be carried out by government agencies as intended.

Meeting Climate Goals: Now is the time to go hard, be bold, and get creative Maryland must also continue to lead the way and be a role model on addressing climate issues. It’s a point I made in a recent Letter to the Editor of The Baltimore Sun. Now is not the time—as some have suggested—to slow down our transition to a more sustainable energy future and all of the economic benefits it will bring to our state.

A Reinvigorated State Executive Branch

Implementing our legislative goals and ensuring they are followed is an incredibly dedicated team of public servants assembled by Governor Moore to lead our frontline state agencies. In the past few weeks I have been meeting with many of them. Pictured on the left (above) is my visit to Secretary McIlwain and her team at the Maryland Department of the Environment and, on the right, Secretary Wu of the Maryland Department of Labor. It is thrilling to be working in partnership with these agencies.

I’m the Maryland Consumer Advocate of the Year! What an honor to be named Consumer Advocate of the Year by Economic Action Maryland. They recognized my work on medical debt and my advocacy on a range of issues to protect vulnerable Marylanders.

Cannabis Changes created after Maryland voters in last year’s election overwhelmingly approved the adult (21 years+) use of recreational cannabis went into effect on July 1st. More information about those changes, including a “Responsible Use Toolkit,” can be found on the Maryland Cannabis Administration’s website. I am especially proud of the approach the Maryland General Assembly took to ensure this emerging market benefits communities most harmed by the criminalization of cannabis.

Stay in Touch Need help with a state issue? Please contact my office at or leave us a message at (410)-841-3423.




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