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Saving Money, Saving the Planet

Dear Friend,

We have some great energy policies and programs here in Maryland: some of the most progressive and innovative in the country. But if people don’t know or sign up for them, we won’t make the rapid progress we need on climate change.

That’s why I developed and have sponsored annual Power in the Park events here in District 20 for the past three years. We bring in representatives from agencies and organizations that can help Marylanders use less energy, improve indoor air quality, switch to solar, and save money on their energy bills. Attendees can sign up for energy audits, get energy assistance, and take home energy-saving items like LED lights–all in a festive and fun setting!

Check out this video overview of the event.

Couldn’t make it, but want to know more? Links to each of the participating agencies and the programs they offer are on my website.

  • AARP/Energy Supplier Reform

  • Action in Montgomery

  • Crossroads Community Food Network

  • Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

  • Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development

  • Montgomery County Energy Connection

  • Montgomery County Green Bank

  • Office of Home Energy Programs

  • Office of People’s Counsel


  • Public Service Commission

  • Solar United Neighbors

Volts Podcast: Take a Deep Dive Into Clean Energy Policy! Recently I was honored to be the special guest on Volts with Dave Roberts, a podcast about “leaving fossil fuels behind” by taking deep policy dives into the technology, politics, and policy of decarbonization. We spoke for almost an hour about how I found a more just and politically durable way to fund offshore wind. Listen here.

Join Me at My Spring Fundraiser: Like the work I’m doing? Help support it by making a contribution and attending my Spring Fundraiser. I don’t accept money from for-profit corporations or their lobbyists and I’m not a millionaire who can self-finance my campaign. Most of my donations are from individuals. Hear about what I have accomplished and my future plans–while enjoying delicious food from local vendors!

Thursday, June 15th, from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Long Branch-Wayne Local Park 509 University Blvd East, Silver Spring, MD Special Guest: C.T. Wilson, Chair of the Economic Matters Committee

Stay in Touch Need help with a state issue? Please contact my office at or leave us a message at (410)-841-3423.



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