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Re-Election Campaign Kickoff and my Priorities

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Dear Friend,

Thank you to everyone who was able to join, in person and in spirit, my Re-Election Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser. What a joy to celebrate my successful first three years as a State Delegate and to renew my commitment to building a more Just and Inclusive Maryland!

What’s next on my campaign agenda? More canvassing! I have found that door knocking is the best way to connect with voters. Several bills I introduced in past legislative sessions resulted from ideas I learned about by going door-to-door. Our outreach will highlight information on my work in Annapolis and here in District 20, as well as provide resources so folks know how to get help they or their neighbors might need.

Other issues I am working on include:

Unemployment Insurance: Governor Hogan’s Department of Labor continues to make disastrous decisions related to the Unemployment Insurance program. The Governor has made the misguided and cruel decision to end the expanded federal pandemic unemployment program in Maryland two months before it ends at the national level. This means Maryland will forgo close to $1.5 billion in federal stimulus and vulnerable Marylanders will face even greater suffering. You can read about my efforts to challenge this decision here.

Food System Reforms: Food insecurity grew to heartbreaking new levels during the pandemic and will remain a challenge in our community for the foreseeable future. I joined the Capital Area Food Bank as they launched their Hunger Report, and will continue to work with them and other grassroots groups to meet our community’s immediate needs and to establish policies to end hunger. Read about the press conference here.

I am thrilled that House Speaker Adrienne Jones appointed me to serve as the House of Delegates representative to the Maryland Food System Resiliency Council, which was created by legislation I introduced. The Council will respond to the immediate crisis of food insecurity in a way that builds a just and sustainable food system for the future.

Clean Energy Access Roadshow: I am working with a number of advocacy organizations to promote the many programs designed to make clean energy accessible to everyone. The State of Maryland offers a variety of energy efficiency programs that can save you money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, community solar is a way folks without a roof to install solar panels can still support and benefit from the clean energy and the savings associated with solar. We will pilot the Roadshow in District 20 and then hope to travel with it across the state. Keep an eye out for more details in the next newsletter!

Vaccine Clinics: I continue my work with grassroots groups to make sure everyone is vaccinated. After much success with larger clinics, the focus is now on bringing vaccines to places where small groups are gathered, such as immediately after a religious service or at a farmers market.

Office of Home Energy Programs Task Force: I was also honored to be appointed by Speaker Adrienne Jones to serve as the House of Delegates representative on this Task Force. Throughout the pandemic, I have helped connect many residents to energy assistance and identified significant problems in the accessibility of these funds. I hope to work with the agency and other leaders to make sure people struggling to keep their lights on can get quick and efficient assistance.

Legislation for the 2022 General Assembly: I am constantly researching and considering possible legislation for the 2022 Session.

As always, if you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact my office at You can also leave a message at (410)-841-3423; although please note my office will not be staffed five days per week until the next Session.


Lorig Charkoudian


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