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Hear, Hear, Hearings Underway!

This year I will be introducing at least 15 bills to be considered during the General Assembly. One of the first steps in the approval process is for committees to hold hearings to gather input on all those bills.

Hearings on four of my bills will be held in the next two weeks:

⇨ HB 44:  Property Tax Updates for Low-Income Individuals

Affordable housing is urgently needed by both renters and homeowners, especially along the Purple Line.  Existing programs to help limit how much low-income individuals pay in property taxes need updated guidelines so more people and properties qualify for these beneficial programs.

HB 66:  Enabling County Tax Credits

This bill enables counties to create special tax credits for landlords and condo owners who make certain safety and affordability improvements; and for teachers to be able to live where they teach.

⇨ HB 216:  Solar and Clean Energy in Condominiums

This bill would change portions of the Maryland Condominium Act to make it easier for condominium associations to install solar panels and other clean energy equipment, which will help Maryland meet its carbon reduction goals.

HB 139: Energy Assistance for Renters

For many low-income renters, utilities are included as part of their overall rent. Three years ago, I worked with the Department of Human Services to allow these individuals to receive energy assistance through the Electricity Universal Service Program (EUSP). These EUSP funds, combined with Maryland Energy Assistance Program funds, can pay a significant amount of the utility portion of a person’s rent. However, not all landlords are willing to participate in the program. This bill would require landlords to accept these funds and credit them appropriately, giving renters a much-needed discount on rent.

More information on all my bills

(or any other bill being considered in this year's General Assembly)

is on my website

Kindness Day 2024:  January 27th

Spread kindness in our community. Small Things Matter is organizing a day for everyone to do small acts of kindness in memory of Tommy Raskin. More details are here (and, of course, any day is a fine day for an act of kindness of any size 💖).

Heat Stress Hearings

With snow on the ground, it might be hard to remember just how hot our summers can be.  But the heat–and protecting workers who must work in it–is the focus of a series of upcoming hearings on proposed regulations resulting from my 2020 legislation to address this issue.  

D20 Night in Annapolis:  Feb 19th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Curious about what is going on in Annapolis and how you might get involved?  Save the date and plan to see and hear firsthand what is happening during this year’s session.  We will even be coordinating carpools to help get you to and from the event.  More details coming soon!

Staying in Touch: Need help with a state issue? Please contact my office at or leave us a message at (410)-841-3423.



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