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And So It Begins!

It continues to be a tremendous honor to represent District 20 in the Maryland House of Delegates.  

Yesterday we began the 446th Session of Maryland’s General Assembly.  This group first met in 1635–a time when we were still under British rule, more than 100 years before there was a “United States of America,” and when I and so many of my colleagues would not have been allowed to serve. This nearly 400-year history of people coming together to decide how we should live together reminds me that positive changes are possible and gives me hope for the future.


This session I am the primary sponsor of 14 bills–with several more to come.  They range from modernizing Maryland’s Unemployment Insurance program to pioneering networked utility-run geothermal systems to increasing food waste recovery programs.  The guiding principle for all my bills is to create a more just and inclusive Maryland. 

All my legislation is listed on my website.  Go there to get more information about each bill, including exact bill language and the bill’s status.  Check back often as more bills will be added.


Yesterday I spoke at my first rally of the year:  in support of the RENEW Act to make fossil fuel companies pay for damage caused by climate change. The next 90 days will see thousands of people come to Annapolis to advocate for all kinds of change. Indeed, a vibrant democracy depends on the active involvement of its citizens.  I  encourage you to follow legislative developments, write to your representatives, attend rallies, and make your voice heard. 

Session Staff:

I have a truly talented team working in my office this session.  Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about legislation, hearings, how to submit testimony, etc.  We are here for you!  Stop by and say hi if you are in Annapolis. 

Staying in Touch: Need help with a state issue? Please contact my office at or leave us a message at (410)-841-3423.



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