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New Campaign Video

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Dear Friend,

Check out and share my new campaign video! Click here.

Two issues mentioned in the video—my work on climate issues and my approach to taking care of constituent needs—are highlighted below.

Cleaning Up Our Energy Grid: My advocacy for major changes to our energy systems is motivated by the increasingly urgent reality that the future of humanity and our planet is at stake. I am working toward a Grid of the Future: a decarbonized future, grounded in equity.

You can take a deep policy dive on this issue by watching me participate in a recent Maryland Clean Energy Center panel discussion here. (It’s a 90-minute session, but my introduction and first remarks begin at 3:40.)

I am also actively developing legislation for the 2022 General Assembly Session that will focus on increasing clean energy and ensuring our most vulnerable communities are protected and included as we shift to an improved energy system. I’ll share more details soon! Improving Washington Gas’ Customer Service: Many in our community have experienced significant challenges with Washington Gas’ customer service—ranging from excruciatingly long wait times to correct mistakes on bills to several weeks getting service restored. This situation is unacceptable, especially given the health and safety needs for heat and hot water. Washington Gas agreed to improve customer service as part of its merger requirements when it was acquired by Alta Gas in 2018. Instead, customer service has continued to decline.

I have been in ongoing conversation with Washington Gas leadership about how to resolve these consumer issues and have advocated successfully for individual constituents who have contacted my office with specific problems. I have spoken with the Public Service Commission and the Office of People’s Counsel to explore what kind of a formal regulatory procedure or legislation could hold this public monopoly more accountable to customers.

Have you had an issue with Washington Gas customer service in the last year? Please let me know so I can share it with the Office of People’s Counsel. Do you have a current issue? I can advocate on your behalf: email Please also consider filing an online complaint with the Public Service Commission to ensure the issue is in the formal record. Canvass with us! Volunteers and I are reaching out to community members to let them know what I am doing, share information about useful resources, and ask about what issues are important to them. Please join us Sunday, Oct. 10th at 1:30 pm in the White Oak area.

As always, if you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact my office at You can also leave a message at (410)-841-3423; although please note my office will not be staffed five days per week until the next Session.


Lorig Charkoudian


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