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Green Campaign Pledge

Lorig has pledged to run a green campaign.  This gives concrete evidence of her commitment to climate change action, shows she can “walk the walk,” and challenges other candidates to do so, too.

Lorig’s campaign has pledged to:

  • Print campaign literature on recycled paper with soy-based inks.

  • Eliminate campaign swag that is not recyclable (such as plastic items and bags, balloons).

  • Locate campaign events, when possible, to be accessible by public transit (or biking or walking), and advertise that fact (with directions).

  • Carpool volunteers to events and field work, when possible.

  • Drive a Prius or small, energy efficient car with good mileage rating, when necessary.

  • Hold events with sustainable supplies, using compostable, recyclable, or reusable and Styrofoam-free products, and offering a non-meat options. Serve food prepared by local businesses with short food supply chains, whenever possible.

  • Eliminate one-serving plastic water bottles at campaign events and for volunteer events.

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